Frequently Asked Questions

Question about selling

Banks won’t approve loans on land, especially if the purchase price is less than $25,000 or $50,000. This makes it very difficult for most people to acquire land unless they have a significant amount of money to buy the land for cash. At Legacy Land Investors, we offer seller financing with a low down payment and low monthly payments. We also don’t require a credit check. This gives people the opportunity to become land owners without the restrictions banks impose on borrowers.

If you purchase the land for cash, you’ll be deeded the land immediately after payment is received. If you take advantage of our seller financing option, you’ll be deeded the land once the payments are made in full.

If you’re not happy with your land purchase, for any reason, we’ll either give you a refund of your loan payments or exchange the land for a like property. No questions asked. The only part of your purchase that isn’t refundable is the document fee paid during closing.

You won’t be able to build on the property until the land is titled in your name. That occurs immediately if you pay cash or after you’ve made all your loan payments. If you’re wanting to build prior to the land being in your name, you might be able to get financing to pay off the land and use a construction loan to then build your home. However, you are free to visit, camp, and enjoy the land as long as you’re adhering to the county’s rules and regulations.

No. Document fees are not refundable.

Monthly payments are made by credit card or ACH with our automated payment platform. Once you sign up, the payments will automatically be drafted each month.

Almost no property in Costilla County has utilities running to it already unless there is a home built already. However, there are power lines throughout the region that can be exended to any site. Residents of the area typically have electric run to their site (or solar panels), a septic tank for sewer, liquid propane for heat, and cisterns for water with water delivered by local companies.

Yes, all of the properties we sell have road access. The quality varies by the neighborhood and exact location, but all properties have roads running adjacent to them so you can access the land.

There’s no catch and no, this isn’t a scam. When you buy land from us, we both sign a legally binding agreement committing to upholding our end of the deal. We’re contractually and legally obligated to transfer the land into your name once payments are received in full. If we didn’t do this, we’d be sued and potentially taken to jail. The reason we sell land with seller financing is because it creates an opportunity for land owners, just like you, to afford buying land to build your legacy for generations to come.

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